Saturday, November 21, 2009

ETSY PLUG - Simply Bitten

I thought since "New Moon" opened this weekend, today's Etsy Plug would feature a Twilight swag seller.  Simply Bitten offers funny and sweet decals and other goodies for the Twilight-obsessed.  My favorite is the "Be safe" sticker, in Edward's script. 


  1. That shop has such cute ideas!
    I haven't gotten the chance to go see New Moon yet, hopefully soon =D
    How did you like the nmovie? was it better than the first one?

  2. I did like it - it was very faithful to the book, but I was still a little disappointed. I think maybe they released too many clips...I felt like there were no surprises. I personally liked the first one better, but I liked the first book better, too.