Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I spent the weekend baking cookies to send to a friend who is far, far away from home.

I made White Chocolate Macadamia Nut and Rasin Oatmeal.  I hope they stay somewhat fresh on the long trip through the mail.

Little Bear, as usual, was on hand to help with the food styling.


  1. Cute picture with your puppy. He looks so innocent!!!

  2. That's her trick - she looks sweet an innocent but would lick those cookies if I turned my back!

  3. I love this.
    I've been wanting to get a dog and this fellow is the best! Is he an Airedale Terrier? Every time I see one I make my boyfriend stop the car/walking/breathing and watch with me...Love at first sight!

  4. Hi Andrea!
    Yes, She's an Airedale. I grew up with Airedales and Little Bear is my first as an adult(pure-bred, that is...my husband and I did have a half-Airedale half-Rotty who was the most perfect dog, ever). They are very sweet, loyal dogs. She is great in the house, but also loves to be outside for hiking and such. My heart melts every time I see one, too.

  5. What a adorable picture of your little friend. Makes me smile big:) Happy Holidays!