Monday, January 18, 2010

Cedar Berries

Hello everyone!  It's good to be back.  I hope the holidays were as wonderful for you all as they were for me.  I spent the weeks after Christmas in South Carolina with my folks, and I just returned this weekend.  It was not as warm a respite as I usually am fortunate enough to experience, but compared to Wyoming, it wasn't bad.  Actually, Wyoming was downright pleasant when I returned - it was up to 60 yesterday and positively lovely!  I think we are in for some snow later in the week, however.  That will be good for snowshoeing, at least.

These photos are of the berries on a cedar tree in my parents' yard in South Carolina.  They happen to live in a beautiful little spot called Cedar Island, and yes, the cedar trees abound.  It's so funny to move away from where you have spent most your life, and find yourself rediscovering the little things when you return.  For example, I didn't remember there being berries on cedar trees.  Especially pretty little dusky blue ones. 


  1. Glad you had a wonderful holiday...Welcome back!
    Beautiful photos.

  2. your photography is really great.I also do photography do check mine blog too...plz. im not a photographer by profession but still i love too do it.
    your's all picture's are out of this world why i dont knw but i loved your blog. every thing is soo perfect.
    hope soo i get to learn some thing from you...

  3. I love the depth of field in these photos - very nice... I am curious what stop did you shoot these at? 1.8?

    Very nice.

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone :)

    Jeremy, I shot these at 4.5, with my Nikkor Micro lens. I love the way it renders things in such a shallow depth of field, but I do have to take a few dozen shots of a subject because even the smallest movement throws everything out of focus. I never know what I've gotten until I upload.

  5. beautiful photos of the berries and cedar branches, it is so nice to see anew, especially when they are such lovely dusty berries, thank you