Saturday, January 30, 2010

ETSY PLUG - Summersville

When I was in South Carolina recently, my mom and I worked together on a quilt, all in greens.  I had chosen all the fabric earlier in the year, and had it shipped to her house so it would all be ready the next time I was there.  My favorite fabric came from an Etsy shop called Summersville.  Here the very talented Lucie Summers hand screenprints her fun designs on a delightfully textured oatmeal cotton with natural slubs and flecks of cotton seed. 

Her designs are all hand-drawn.  In the age of computers, that is a rarity.  I feel Lucie's personality must come through in these designs, and they make me think she's likely a warm, delightful person.

At Summersville, you can find a lot more than fabric.  My favorite product (that I've yet to try) is this gift wrap.  It is printed using vegetable based inks on 80% recycled paper and you'll get two sheets, printed on both sides. 

There are also cute fabric-covered magnets...

and beautiful fabric-covered notebooks, with either lined or blank pages.

Perhaps the most unique thing I saw at Summersville was this color-it-yourself poster, in a selection of her designs.  What a fun gift this would be!



  1. Ah ha! A fellow Summersville fan :)

  2. Oh man, I wish I lived near that town.

  3. What an awesome store! Love the color your own poster concept fun!