Saturday, February 6, 2010

ETSY PLUG - Precious Meshes

Some of the most unique things I've found on Etsy are the netted necklaces of Precious Meshes.  Each piece is stitched by hand out of metal, using spools of fine wire and ordinary crochet hooks, for this extraordinary result.  I've never seen this done before - the crocheting of metal around a chandelier crystal.  Isn't it amazing?  I can't wait for some special event to wear it to.

I love the idea behind the birds' nests jewelry.  Emily, of Precious Meshes, says "As real birds do, I started making these nests out of bits I found lying around. I collect all the scraps from my unsuccessful projects and experiments in wire crochet. When there's enough, I crumple up the leftover bits of mesh and bind them tightly together into a nest. Former "mistakes" find new life this way as nesting material- it lets me feel free to try new ideas!"  Well those mistakes make for harmonious, pretty little creations!

In these earrings, pearls are bound together with 14k goldfill wire.

Here is a silver lattice bracelet with a beautiful button closure that seems to strike a chord somewhere between funky and sweet.  Like most of her silver jewelry, you can choose it to be in oxidized or bright silver.

In this "Wisteria Necklace," a cluster of pink pearls blooms on a vine of hand-crocheted fine silver wire, which is suspended by a slender sterling chain.  You can have this design customized with pearls of a different color or with other gemstones. 


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  1. I have tried this and it is hard. I can't keep the wire from breaking. I can't even crochet cotton though so that my be the problem! ;)
    These pieces are beautiful. I love the earrings.
    *about the morning ritual post...I bought the nettipot and find it really good. My sinuses and ears(?!) are feeling clearer. It feels a bit odd to use though.*
    Have a wonderful weekend!