Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Than Can Be Seen

If you read the comments from yesterday's post, then please forgive my repetition, but Andrea of the lovely blog "Fit to be Seen" pulled some even more interesting thoughts from me.

A lot of my deepest thoughts revolve around mortality, and they can be so overwhelming, but my photography helps me take it one day at a time, and helps me stay focused on the positive and the beautiful (which is really endless, when you begin to see it).

I really enjoy macro photography, because my camera can see so much more detail than my weak human eyes, or sometimes it just sees it differently, like in the image above.  There is more beauty in this world than I can possibly see, and that is exciting to me - it holds the promise of so much more than I can imagine.  Whether you apply this idea spiritually or not, isn't the idea encouraging?


  1. :)
    The words you left me with yesterday made me tear up!
    One of the biggest benefits of blogging (to me) is throwing something out there and getting something to think about in return.
    To look deeper, and to see more, is such a blessing. I am humbled everyday...
    Thank you for the link.

  2. I love the photographs on this blog...