Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Path We Take

I'm still feeling sort of meditative and contemplative today, yet quiet.


  1. That pics talks... atleast it did talk to me...

  2. this is a really beautiful photo and it just makes you reflect back on your life and where it is headed! thanks so much for stopping by my blog as well, your blog is really beautiful!

  3. such a beautiful photo. sometimes a photo is enough to explain what is going on.

    i wanted to thank you for looking through my flickr stream. i really appreciated reading your comments. rarely do people take the time to go through it like you seem to have done.
    i am looking forward to sit down and "get to know you" too. these days my mother is visiting, so my blogging/flickr time is minimal. but i wanted to let you know, that i have browsed through your blog/flickr and it's been a pleasure so far - you take beautiful photos and your writing is inspiring :)