Friday, March 19, 2010

The First Day Of Spring Is Nearly Here

Well, the weekend is nearly here, and so my 30th birthday is near, too.  We will be celebrating by escaping to the hot springs in our newly renovated pop-up camper, and then we'll be off to Cody and the nearby national forests for a bit of exploring.  So, I will be away from you all for a few days.  I hope to relax and unplug and to come home with some new photographs, of course.

The one thing I always loved the most about my birthday was that it was on the first day of spring.  Spring is my favorite season, heralded as it is by blooming bulbs and chirping birds and warmer temperatures.  Iris are my favorite, though in Wyoming it will still be another month or two before they are up and blooming.  But I always think about South Carolina this time of year, where things are already emerging from their short winter nap, and this photo brings that to mind, for me.  It is one of the first macros I ever took, with a regular lens turned around backwards like I learned how to do in college.  There is a definite lack of control with the focus, and with the light, but I have always associated that margin of abandon with spring and it makes my heart sing to see this image again.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and that you see at least some small sign of the spring to come that will make your heart sing, too.


  1. Happy Birthday Victoria! (Repeat on your actual birthday)
    I love the imperfect aspects of this photo. The colours are wonderful too.
    Have a great time! I'm looking forward to seeing what you bring back...

  2. Happy Birthday! (did I time it right?)

    Also, you're in WY?