Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stones on Red

Here is the latest (perhaps the last?) in the series of natural things against the red dinette table.  I took this one at the same time I took the last few, but it just took me a bit longer to choose it.  But now that I have, I can't imagine having chosen any of the other shots.

 I love this little pile of rocks.  I found them in an ancient Cool Whip container that I've been carrying around since, I think, a vacation I took with my parents when I was young to the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.  We found these rocks in a chilly rushing little stream, when, I believe, we were panning for gold.  Isn't that just like a child, to find true treasures in things other than what we are told are precious?   These pretty river rocks are precious to me still.

And, of course, if you find peace or meaning in this image also, it is available in my Etsy shop.


  1. The rocks remind me of my beach house, and the red...that red... I just love it every time I see it!

  2. I like how the red brings out the different tones in the rocks. They are all slightly different grays, and it's lovely.