Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It has been recently announced that near the next town south, 300 windmills will be built for energy production.  I think that's pretty cool.  And I don't know that there is a windier place anywhere (you have to watch out for flipping semis when driving that section of interstate).  But isn't it funny that humans have been harnessing wind power for hundreds of years?  These little windmills that pump water for cattle are everywhere out here.


  1. I just love the looks of the new and old windmills and generators. The new generators are so graceful the way they move. I will be anxious to see how you photograph them.

    Wyoming does have the wind though, Living on the coast they complain about the wind blowing all of the time and I tell them that after living in Wyoming I am prepared. :-)

  2. That's so true. When you are driving along and feel like your tires have blown out, but know from experience that it's just the wind, well, that's when you know it's WINDY! And that is like every other day in the winter here.