Saturday, April 24, 2010

ETSY PLUG: Kaelyn Michaels Photography

I was reading this city guide to Charleston, S.C., from Design Sponge, earlier this week and it made me so very homesick that I had a few tears in my eyes.  This happens from time to time, even though I am happy in Wyoming, not only because my family is so far away, but because Charleston and the surrounding area is just so beautiful.  It's enough to push everything else out of my head sometimes, and make me wonder why I don't live there.  Reality sets in soon enough - too expensive, great job here in Wyo, so quiet and uncrowded here - and that longing gets pushed back down.  But it twinges every time I see images of Charleston and the Lowcountry. 

Enter the hauntingly beautiful print above, by Kaelyn Michaels.  I've been looking for a piece of art that really spoke to me about the city I love, and this image of the St. Philips steeple and surrounding roofline in the fading afternoon light said exactly what I needed to hear.  It reminds me of my high school and college days, driving to the city from my nearby hometown, to just wander the streets or see a show.  I had to have this print, and my heart swells every time I look at it. 

Kaelyn has so many beautiful images of this area that I love, and I will admit, I wanted them all.  But I ultimately chose "Holy City" because the particular landmarks in it were dear to me.  When I was in high school, I spent a month at a summer camp at the College of Charleston,  and, when I was out exploring, I would orient myself by this steeple.  I learned the surrounding streets and shops and restaurants, and it was during this time that the city became familiar to me.  I remember my dad dropping me off, and us having a quick lunch together before he departed.  I felt overwhelmed when he left, being from a small town, but by the end of that month, the city was my friend, and a place where I felt comfortable.

Lest you think all Kaelyn's photographs are of Charleston, let me share a few of her other works.

I love the dreamy atmosphere of Kaelyn's photos, whether they are of the city or the country.  They feel like memories, don't they?  The crispness is gone, just as memories fade around the edges, and what is left is softer and sweeter.

Kaelyn has only been selling on Etsy for a few months, so do go check out her shop.  You might just find a dreamy memory that speaks to you.


  1. Hi Victoria .. My son usually visits to look into the pics you post and he wants to know whether he can download some of them for his collection?

    BTW it would help me a lot if you can leave a comment on this post

  2. They do have a dreamy and kind of mysterious feel to them...

  3. Kaelyn's images are so magical. I love the dreamy feel to them.
    Have a lovely weekend, Victoria!

  4. Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm so glad that you love your print! Charleston is amazing, that was my one and only time there and I cannot wait to return. (and Wyoming is too!!)
    And I really enjoyed reading your past blog posts, and I love your images as well! =)

  5. I am so proud of Kaelyn! She is such a great friend to me, and it's really fantastic that other people are being touched by her photographs!
    Great blog, too!

  6. I LOVE Kaelyn's photography. I'm very proud of her, too! I am very pleased, but not surprised that other people find her works to be so magical.
    Thank you, Victoria, for posting such a wonderful review of her pics.

  7. Wow these pictures are really fantastic. The way that you described them is spot-on.

  8. vraiment de très belles atmosphères. I like them !