Monday, April 12, 2010

Shooting Out Of The Window

I've got a couple of trips planned for next month, and thinking about them made me want to dig through my old vacation files.  When there is nowhere to pull over, I'm bad about snapping away out of the window.  Normally these sorts of shots amuse me, but that's about it.  This one, however, of some vineyards in Napa Valley, I like.  I love how the gnarly tree branches frame it, and how it is bathed in light.  It makes me smile.

P.S. - I spent some time over the weekend retooling the blog...what do you think?


  1. love it!!!!!! it looks beautiful!

  2. Great shot!! i do love the light and the framing with the trees reaching out and down the landscape from the sky. colors are great as well

    i like the look of the blog. the gradient bg is working , and the simple banner almost looking like a newspaper headline i think is effective and a welcome change to the typical picture on top that we see mostly.
    simple and professinal looking.
    great work all around.

  3. a truly lovely shot...the branches frame it so interestingly...I like the way your space looks

  4. I really love this composition. The punch of green in the midst of all the muted colors is a real eye catcher. The framing adds to it..