Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pink Gerbera

Most of you aren't going to believe this, but it has been snowing for the past 12 hours and is expected to continue for the next 24.  This may be the second biggest snowstorm we've had all spring, and I can't believe it is this late in the season.  In fact, this is the latest it has snowed in the four years I have lived in Wyoming.  I suppose to curb my disappointment, I spent the morning sorting through these gerbera daisy photos, which are more spring appropriate, in my opinion, than the snow outside.


  1. Oh.
    These are beautiful.
    There is a snowfall warning for some parts of here too. Though not in my backyard...
    Hope you have a warm and sunny inside today V.

  2. gorgeous doesn't cover it. sorry about the snow.

    xo Alison