Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sassy Squirrel

This is the sassiest squirrel I have ever met.  He/she throws things at the dogs and at my husband and I.  And it likes to sit in one place while the dogs bark at it, just torture them, it seems.  It is so bold that it dropped out of a tree onto the fence a foot away from Bri's head last week.  But even with all the naughty behavior, I still think it is adorable!


  1. :D
    Could it be someone reincarnated to bug you?
    It made me think of my Grandfather for some reason! :)

  2. Oh how funny! We came home yesterday to a completely emptied bird feeder (one that was full that morning)...come to find out, all the seed is scattered over the ground, and I think those pesky squirrels have finally found a way to jump on our suspended feeder. They're waaaay smarter than people give them credit for! Have fun with sassy pants!