Saturday, June 19, 2010


I've been collecting art to hang in my bedroom in what I'm dubbing a "Sweet Dreams" collection.  I like laying in my bed and looking at the wall across from me, and seeing beautiful, peaceful places that I'd like to be.  It helps me relax, and, I hope, sends me to equally lovely places in my dreams.  I've just gotten started on the framing, but next on the list is this image, aptly titled "Serenity" from Leefee.

Photographer Silvana Ferreira has a wonderful way with color.   She seems to make it both vivid and soft at the same time.  I love the contrast of the blue with the orange in this print, "Persimmons."

"Coastal Fence" is another dream-worthy view.

And I love the composition of this shot, "Portland Crow."  He is perfectly situated among the tangle of branches, don't you think?

I'm such a sucker for succulent images, and this one is no exception.  If you'd like to see more, visit Leefee's etsy shop and her beautiful blog

IMAGES: Leefee


  1. Vickie, you are so kind. Thank you for writing this lovely post about my work. I'm humbled and appreciative. xo

  2. Gorgeous images! Leefee is one talented photographer. I have to get caught up on some of your recent posts now...
    have a great weekend!