Friday, July 30, 2010

Birds of Lake Moultrie

While in South Carolina, my friends was kind enough to take me out on the boat in Lake Moultrie.  It was a great opportunity to soak up some sun, play in the water, and catch up with the people I just don't see enough.  Along the way, we spotted many birds and my friends were kind enough to slow down so I could get a few photos.  This top one of the osprey is my favorite.  They are fish eaters and swoop down here and there catching lunch.  This one had nested on top of the warning sign and was not too pleased to see us.

Here is a heron, resting on a branch near the shore, amid a tangle of kudzu.  I know I'm supposed to hate kudzu because it is an invasive non-native species that chokes out all other plants in its path, but look at it -  it is just SO green.  I confess I think it is kinda pretty.

This egret was perched high above us in a dead tree.  I wish I could have gotten a closer shot, but I am still so impressed with the strong lines his legs and neck and beak make.  They are such graceful birds.

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