Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Downtown Charleston

Oh, downtown Charleston, how I love thee.  Let me count the ways.

Verdant vegetation growing up, over and between centuries-old brick.

Venerable live oaks that arch so gracefully above the streets.

Sacred houses of worship on every corner.

Brightly painted sidehouses with double verandas.

And massive, opulent homes that are fun to pretend might be your own.

Though I have never lived downtown, I grew up nearby and spent a lot of time wandering the streets.  It feels like home, maybe not quite as intimately as my own neighborhood, but it feels familiar and cozy nonetheless.  I don't always make it there when I am home visiting, but I do try.  There are lots of historical homes to tour, and lots of places to shop for haute couture and art, and lots of amazing places to eat.  I am, in fact, on a mission to eat at every great restaurant downtown, and on this visit checked one more off my list.  A friend and I went to Hominy Grill, a place that gets rave reviews for its southern fare.  All for good reason, we decided.  Our porgy was perfectly cooked and topped with a little crab for a double dose of delicious seafood.  I think we both got an entree, though, so we could try out some of the side dishes, like tomatoes and okra and squash casserole.  These aren't things I make a lot at home, but they sure are comfort food.  It was all very, very good and I would highly recommend Hominy Grill to anyone looking for classic, clean Southern food. 


  1. I really enjoyed my trip to Charleston years ago... and hope to return soon with my hubby! It reminded me of Savannah, GA. Have you been to Folly Beach near Charleston? It's gorgeous!

  2. Yes, I've been to Folly several times, though I spent a lot more time at the Isle of Palms since it was a bit closer. I didn't make it to the beach this last trip home, however, and now you've got me thinking about it!