Friday, July 23, 2010

Fox Terrier Puppies

Once again summer at my parents' house was marked by a litter of adorable fox terrier puppies.  It truly is a joy to watch these little ones develop into their own personalities right before my eyes during my weeks there.  My folks are so good at raising these puppies.  They get so much love and attention, as you can see.  They work with each one every day, playing and grooming, and just making sure they are getting the kind of care that will help them become well-adjusted doggies when they go to new homes. 

These puppies were six weeks old when I arrived and were eight weeks old when we took most of these photos.  They change a lot in that amount of time.  When I arrived, we could take all five out on the lawn and play together, and they would just orbit around us.  But by the time I left, a three out of five were feeling so adventurous that they didn't come back when called anymore, and you'd have to chase them down.  

So, they began leash training.

It is kind of hard to leave all that cuteness behind, and to know they are going to be sold.  But, I was lucky enough to get a puppy to take home from the very first litter.  My sweet dog Happy is sitting beside me as I write this. 

Even though it is sad to see them go, in the end, all that cuteness is good for the soul.  And it makes me glad to think that five more people in this world will get sweet, curious, rambunctious little doggies just like mine!


  1. Amazing shots!
    These guys are fabulous! Now I need to google the adults...(though Happy is my wish-dog)

  2. Hahaha...
    There are some funny looking Terriers out there!
    A worthy google for certain!

  3. oh those pups are so presh! Hope you had a good trip home!