Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Book Love: A Day On Cooper River

Good morning, everyone!  I need your input today, on this image. 

I have created this self-portrait for a competition that I am thinking about entering.  It is a contest for Wyoming artists who are not originally from the area, and in my piece, I am supposed to reflect a connection to my original home.  I chose a self-portrait because the nature of the theme seemed so personal to me, and I am standing in front of a relief map of the Carolinas, holding one of my favorite books that recounts the history along the river that I grew up near.  

I am happy with the idea behind the photo, especially as it is part of a larger project, but I won't get into that quite yet.  But I am just not sure how I feel about the execution.  I must have looked at this image a hundred times and I am still not certain if it is 'the one' or if I should try shooting this again.  I'd love to hear what you think about the image.  Do you sense a love, a longing for my home in this?  What do you think technically?  Is it too dark?  Is my face cut off in a weird place?  I would normally let this image sit for a while on my computer and come back to it later, but I have some time constraints if I am to enter it or reshoot.  I'd appreciate any feedback, y'all.


  1. Hi Vickie,
    I love the colours and LOVE the idea...
    The pose looks a bit stiff...Do you have a stool you could perch on? Maybe curl your shoulders into the book? And a tighter crop {maybe square?}...Perhaps a little desaturation {for a nostalgic feel}...I like the facial expression perhaps cut off a little higher? And a light of the front of the book and your lips?
    Do you have a compass you could hold in your hand? Or something like it? Keys...A crumpled hankie? etc.
    (i keep switching back and forth between this and your photo...thinking...)
    I hope this isn't being too critical because it isn't meant to be...I just want to help you WIN! ;)

  2. Thank you, Andrea, for your feedback! Maybe that's it - maybe it is a little stiff. I think maybe the pose is close, but not quite there. I'm still getting the hang of self portraits...

  3. I think you have a lovely model for your selfies!
    Good luck.

  4. hi Victoria,
    I love the concept of the image but as Andrea said, I find your posture a bit stiff. I would love to see your face in it! I think the look in your eyes could bring more feelings and soften it a little bit.
    I love Andrea's idea about adding something like a compass or any figure that represents home to you (even another photo, maybe black & white one, of your childhood home or other childhood memory). I love photographs in photographs...
    Do you allow to retouch it? Maybe some vignette and de-saturation could add to the longing feeling you're after. I would also lighten it up a bit.

    Hope that helps!
    Love your photography and wish you super luck!!

  5. Hi Galit,
    Thanks for your comment. I intentionally kept my face out of it, because I really wanted the book to be the focus. I think I may try for a little bit more or a little bit less in the next round of shots.

    You two have got me thinking about other props, though. Hummm...