Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fort Laramie

Another day my friend and I went to Fort Laramie.  It's a national historic site that was home to one of the original trading posts of the frontier, a place where natives and newcomers joined to exchange goods.  It was also the site of the event that set off the ensuing wars between the two.  A cow that had wandered away from some Mormon travelers was killed and eaten by a local tribe, and when a group of Army was sent to settle the dispute, it turned bloody. 

Today the shells of buildings from many of the fort's incarnations are visible, as well as some that have been rebuilt to show what life was like.  There is a museum and a top-notch book store if you are looking for books on the Western way of life.  There is even a cute little bar with a jovial bartender where you can get a birch beer (maybe the only place in Wyoming you can get a birch beer).

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  1. Love the sounds of a 'birch beer'! Thanks for the history lesson and beautiful images!