Monday, August 2, 2010

Lake Moultrie

Lake Moultrie, just a few minutes drive from where my folks live, is a 60,000 acre man-made lake that was created in the 1940s by power company Santee Cooper.  Naturally, when it was created, forests were flooded.  The remaining trees that grow in the open water make for interesting scenes.  I particularly liked this solo tree.

Here are a few that have survived together in a group.

Despite the groups of trees that grow in the middle of the lake, there is plenty of open water.  It is pretty easy to hit a cypress knee when water skiing, though, so if you ever spend a day exploring, be careful!

The edges of the lake are lush with forest but sometimes have sandy beaches.  My friends and I cruised along for a while and after finding one such beach, pulled up and had a cookout. 

We also had fun jumping in to cool off.

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  1. Oh my, Victoria- that first tree in the lake is such a cool shot! So, so strange. I wish I could visit that place...

    It was wonderful to read your descriptions of Lake Moultrie as well. :)