Monday, August 30, 2010

Snowy Range Backroads

Saturday morning we decided we didn't feel like sitting around the house, so we filled the cooler and grabbed an overnight bag and set out for the Snowy Range.  We used to camp with tents, but I have to tell you, having everything already packed in the camper and being immediately ready for any sort of weather (esp. the cold, windy mountain kind) makes last-minute adventures possible.  We were hoping to spot some elk, but this doe was the only large game we saw. 

Well, the deer was the only large game we realized that we saw.  When reviewing these photos, I noticed a black spot that was moving around this stream.  We saw a black bear (a mom with two cubs, I think) and didn't even know it.

To be fair, this is how far away the stream was.  That's French Creek in the center of this photograph.  There was no way I was going to see those bears with my naked eyes, but I really wish we had thought to just look around with the binoculars.

You can see a lot of trees that have been killed by beetle infestation.  It is very sad to see so many dead trees, but if you look closely you can always see five or six new seedlings that are ready to take its place.

There are also a lot of stumps from efforts to keep the road clear, more reminders of the juxtaposition of old life and new life.


  1. As always a big thanx for sharing these wild moments with us

  2. Thats cool that you saw some bears, even though you didn't know it at the time!