Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mom's Little Helpers

The dogs couldn't help but hover in the corner of the yard with the apple trees as I was taking photos.  They love to get in the way, but they are so cute I hate to put them in the house.  I mean, look at Little Bear's face.  Melts my heart.

PS - The winner of the giveaway "Sunlit Path" is CSerdan!  Thanks everyone for playing along!


  1. This is soooo exciting!
    Thank you!!!!! I love that photo.

    By the way, beautiful flare in the above shots. It's so hard to capture. Most of mine don't turn out.

  2. They are ADORABLE!!! I hope to see more pictures of your pups :)

  3. what a little love bug. so sweet!

  4. Cute dogs! I like the sun burst in the background, it makes the moment feel magical!