Monday, October 18, 2010

Changing Colors

I'm quite vigilant, knowing that snow may appear at any time, but I am so thankful we have had a whole month and a half of autumn!  It was snatched away so quickly last year, but I think that has made me enjoy this season like I never have before.  The beautiful colors, the great temperatures, the harvest - I think I am finding more joy in these things because I know just how sudden and brutal winter can be.  So please, autumn, please stay a little longer.  I am enjoying your company.


  1. The colours in your shots are amazing.

    I want autumn to hang around a little longer too :)

  2. So true! and exactly what I'm saying over on my page! haha. We think totally alike. You captured the joy and color so well here. I like the simple yellow and sky - not the typical "red autumn" photographs! And I too hope to keep being inspired by everyone on flickr during the snowy months ahead...
    xo Mary