Thursday, October 7, 2010

One Thing Leads To Another (Eventually)

I took this image of our shadows at Cypremort Point in Louisiana, on our vacation after we had spent a week working with Habitat for Humanity, building a house for someone who had lost theirs in Katrina.  Every year in October my husband and I think about that trip, and how good it made us feel to help someone else.  We wonder what it would be like if we found a way to do that full-time.  He is good in scary situations in foreign countries.  Me?  Well, just flying gets my pulse racing and I've never been anywhere English wasn't spoken.  We have yet to figure out a good half-way point.  But we love the idea of helping people help themselves.  Handouts are needed for people who are going to starve by tomorrow, but the idea of helping someone be self-sustaining and the idea that they will pass on their good fortune, really appeals to us.  That's why we love the work of Habitat for Humanity and of Heifer International.  We have work to do in Wyoming, right now, and we are focused on starting a family soon.  But we look forward to the day when we can begin to explore those options.  In the meantime I think we are learning skills that we can later put to good use and we are figuring out the right place to use them. 


  1. Appreciating your ideas...and wishing you some nice moments..

  2. Lovely shadow photo and always good to hear of people helping others!