Monday, October 4, 2010

Perfect Flare

Good morning, everyone!  Thanks for the well wishes on Friday - they paid off.  I went to Lander, a very hip community in the middle of the Wyoming, this weekend, to be at the opening reception of the first juried show I have ever participated in.  I was so thrilled just to see my work among the other fantastic art in the Lander Art Center, but when I learned I had won third place, I was just so happy.  As those of you who are artists know, it can be so discouraging at times, putting your art out there and feeling like no one is connecting to it.  So when something like this happens it really validates me and my work and makes me feel like, "I can do this."  That feeling comes and goes, through victories and slow times.  But the high I feel when I know someone has really appreciated my work, when it strikes a chord or makes them smile, well, it gives me the strength to make it through the more difficult times.  Trying to make a career from your art is tough.  Nothing comes easy.  But when those little sunshine bits do come, they are so sweet.

I shot the above photos from my motel room, which was nestled next to a pretty little creek and this gorgeous bamboo.  I've never gotten a perfectly round flare like you see in the first image, but that is just how my weekend felt - like one good thing led to another and another.  I hope your week has some of that beautiful symmetry, too.

PS - I just want to say that I really appreciate those of you who read this blog and comment is you who get me through those tough times.  You always seem to know just what to say and when to say it...I didn't want you to think that I take you for granted.   Thank you all, so much!


  1. CONGRATS!!!! How wonderful. I know how you feel, wondering if anyone appreciates you work but it is wonderful. ENJOY

  2. Sending you great big congratulations! WInning 3rd place is a significant accomplishment. Bravo.
    On a side note, we spent a day and a half at Lander and in the area several years ago and really enjoyed it. We say that's one place we plan to visit again when we're free to travel more (once we retire).

    Again, congratulations.

  3. Congrats!!!! You must be elated. Well done :)