Friday, November 5, 2010

Autumn Reading, Part II

I think I may have shared yesterday's photos prematurely.  This happens sometimes.  I take photos, and I want to share them in a timely fashion.  I worry that if I show you photos of, say, golden aspens weeks after they are bare, that somehow you will enjoy them less.  So I try to get fresh photos out there quickly.  But sometimes I have a nagging feeling that I don't listen to.  Like yesterday's photos.  I liked them, but the one I liked the most was the one I didn't want to like.  I should have listened to myself and taken a few more vertical shots at the time, but I was really trying to make the shot similar to the horizontal winter version.  But the books looked best like this, and I reshot two days later to take care of some deep shadows that were bugging me.  I should have waited until I had the best shot possible to share.  It is perhaps what I find most difficult about blogging - the balance between being timely and putting forth my best quality.  Does anyone else feel this way?  I can take six months to decide what I like best from a shoot, but I also hate for images to languish on my hard drive.  Anyway, for better or worse, you get to see my process a bit, and know that I am far from a perfect photographer.  I really, really like this image that I am sharing today.  I might not have been so quick to retake it if I were not so eager to share it with you, so maybe this all works out for the best.  Who knows how long it would take for me to love my images if I didn't have anyone to share them with?

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