Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Foggy Eve

We went to go see Harry Potter this weekend, and when the theater let out, Wheatland was covered in a pretty evening fog.  I am not very experienced shooting fog, so even though it was REALLY cold out, I grabbed my camera and my tripod from home and went back out.  I wish these images conveyed just how pretty/spooky it was, but they fall a bit short.  But, as they say, practice makes perfect (eventually).


  1. Funny, these could actually be scenes from Harry Potter!

  2. I love the top photo with the lights. It reminds me of a holiday just before I left to join the Air Force. I think it must have been Thanksgiving cos I'm sure my parents wouldn't have let me go out on Christmas night.
    It has been raining and the streets were pretty deserted cos of the holiday and the red and green lights from the traffic lights were reflecting in the wet pavement.
    It is strange to remember something from 23 years ago so brilliantly; however, the scene was brilliantly beautiful!
    Thanks for bringing back the memory.
    P.S. I love Harry Potter. I usually go to the midnight showing cos my friends and I are all HP freaks. In fact, my 37th birthday party was a Harry Potter costume party. I went as Ginny Weasley!

  3. Please let me know if this picture will ever be featured in one of your stores. I'm sure I'd be up for purchasing at least the 4 X 6. :)

  4. I'd be happy to make you a custom listing in my shop, if you'd like. I'm flattered you like it so much :)

  5. YAY! Thank you for working with me on it! I will be able to purchase it Monday night or so. Whenever it is available, please let me know.
    my email is loralee_87@hotmail.com
    or I'm on facebook. :)

    By the way, I'm Loralee Ford!

    YAY! I'm super excited.