Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wildflower Week

I have a book that identifies the wildflowers of Wyoming...I meant to look all of these up and share the proper names with you.  But I forgot.  Until now. But, I'm about to step out the door to work my shift at the gallery, so the identity of these pretty purple flowers will have to remain a mystery. 

Hope your week is going well!  I've been quite a busy bee but I'm checking things off my list, left and right!


  1. Beautiful!! Looks like (a little) the blue bells I've been chasing in the forest of Dean last spring!

  2. Hi Vickie,

    I just spent the day with your Mom, I'm sure you knew she would be in Minnesota it was great to see her. She set me up to see your blog, only problem I can't get the pictures because I am on dial-up. I will check you out sometime to see what you are up to. Enjoy Thanksgiving, Love Mary Ann Nygaard

  3. So pretty, the purple ones are my favourite out of all you've shown this week :)