Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Biggin Church Ruins

I've driven past the ruins of Biggin Church many times, which is just beyond the town of Moncks Corner, where I grew up, but only on this trip did I finally stop to photograph it.  The sky wasn't really right for it, but on my tight schedule I decided to shoot it anyway. 

The first Biggin Church was erected in 1712, at the place where three important roads met, it is said, but burned in 1755 in a forest fire.  It was rebuilt, and then burned by the British in 1781.  It was restored, again, and burned a third time in 1886, also by forest fire.  I suppose the good people of the parish gave up after all that, however, the cemetery is still in use.

Clearly, two walls still stand, and you can see the outline of where the other two walls were.  A tree now grows inside the boundary, but besides that, it is not too difficult to imagine what a pretty little church it must have been. 


  1. That's wonderful...I have never seen something like this in New England! Although there is a building on a beach here that has stone arches and is in ruins, I have no idea what it used to be...maybe I shall go exploring when our blizzard is over...:)

  2. Oh, Mary, you've got to go explore! I wonder what it could be, on the beach of all places. Sounds very cool.

  3. whoa! what a crazy place...i bet it has an eerie feel to it!

  4. That is absolutely beautiful!