Monday, January 10, 2011

Downtown Charleston

No trip to South Carolina would be complete without a day spent in downtown Charleston.  I have waxed poetic about its beauty before, but as you can see for yourself, it really is a joy to walk among the historic architecture and the lovely landscaping.  Charleston is the only place where I actually enjoy walking around with the crowds.  Not that it is crowded in December - far from it - but I learned as a teenager to not be hurried when downtown, and to set aside all feelings impatience and just go with the flow.  It makes for a much more pleasant experience, and really, to be a true Southerner, you need to learn at some point that hurrying through life takes away much of the joy.  It is better to take a deep breath and just enjoy being in such a lovely place, whether you are crawling through traffic at a snail's pace or find yourself in a mob of tourists. 

That said, I do hope to one day take some time and photograph Charleston properly.  I am always shooting photos between popping into stores and finding a parking place and settling down for a meal.  I would love to shoot all these places with more care and one day I will find the time.


  1. You're right, Victoria...what a beautiful charming place and your photos really capture it! I also appreciate your thoughts about taking things slow and unhurried. Is it truly like that in the South? I live in the Seattle area (in a small town) and the pace always feels so hectic. I'm definitely a small town girl though, and sometimes think I was meant to live in the South. Lucky you!

    Big Hugs,


  2. Hi Vicki! I am from a small town so maybe that's why it seemed like we all lived at a slower pace. We always had time to chat at the grocery store and wait for someone to turn in front of you. Even living later in Columbia folks didn't seem to rush around. There are SO many more people living in South Carolina now, though, compared to when I was a child.
    I confess Wyoming does as well as anywhere to recreate that feeling for me, and compared to Wyoming EVERYWHERE feels rushed. There are just so few people here (least populated state) that there is never a traffic jam or long line.