Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stopover in Missouri

We spent our first night on the road at Finger Lakes State Park in Missouri.  It's a beautiful area not far off the interstate with year-round camping.  It used to be the site of a coal strip-mining operation, but was acquired in 1973 by the state and now is a great area for camping, fishing and off-roading on more than 70 miles of trails.  It was dark when we arrived, and were the only people in the entire park.  We quickly set up the camper, and got inside just before it began to rain. 

I knew everything was covered in snow already, but I was still astounded at the quiet beauty we awoke to and we stopped so I could take photos several times on the way out of the park.  We had heard coyotes in the night, and saw their tracks a few miles from our campsite, as well as those of deer and rabbits. 


  1. Serenely beautiful!!!!

    I'm still waiting for snow to fall in my area. Everything has been brown and grey for the last couple of weeks.

  2. Oh.
    I am so jealous. I need snow!