Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cattle Drive: Part X

After we wove our way through the cottonwoods, we crossed a creek.  Of course all the cows wanted to stop and take a drink.  It took a little convincing from the cowboys to get them to move across it.

As soon as the cows were up and over the creek, they needed to pass under the highway bridge.  I worried this might be the most difficult part, imagining some strays walking out into the road, but I worried for nothing.  With a little guidance, they funnelled right through the correct place.

Once we crossed the highway, we didn't have far to go before the pregnant cows reached their birthing grounds, and could finally stop for some of that tasty grass they had been yearning for.  Once we got them through the gate, our day was done.  We loaded up the horses and the ATV in a trailer and rode back to the main ranch in the truck, eager ourselves for some lunch.


  1. I would love to drive cattle, and who knows, maybe will one day. Your photos, the red cattle in contrast to the starkly desaturated land, are so lovely!

  2. Do it, girl! It was so amazing, and so much fun! Thanks for the kind comments :)