Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cattle Trailing: Part V

The mist lifted as the cows made their way through the first gate, and the mountains began to be visible in the distance, crowned with a beautiful blue sky and sunshine.


  1. The first image is especially stunning. Who would have thought the back sides of cattle could be so pretty? You're just too good.

  2. Thanks! That was the view for most of the day, but they were gorgeous in the sunshine.

  3. I am loving this series :)

    I had the same thought as Pinecone Camp. but they are so orderly :)

    I love the movement and colours in that first shot.

    Have a lovely Day, T :)

  4. just a spectacular series! must have been an incredible experience for you!

  5. These are so gorgeous, I am so jealous you got to go on that trip! I especially like the first photo, they are such a pretty color!