Friday, April 29, 2011

Ayers Natural Bridge & Hell's Half Acre

As mom and I drove northwest toward Lander, we passed a few places that you just have to stop at when on a road trip.  I had always wanted to stop at Ayers Natural Bridge, but never had.  I'm glad we drove the five miles off the interstate to see this pretty little spot, which arches over Laprele Creek.  We drove straight into the clouds, so the sky was overcast when looking at the bridge, and bright blue when looking the other direction at these cliffs.

They really are this saturated.  They were stunning to behold.  On the way out of the park, we drove past the "Old Power House."  This gray concrete building was constructed in the early 1900s by the North Platte Irrigation Company to supply power to pump water from the North Platte River for irrigation. The company went bankrupt before the project was completed.

Next we stopped at Hell's Half Acre.  The name of the place is a misnomer, as this ravine with sharp rocky formations encompasses more than 300 acres.  I know you can't really tell how severe the terrain looks in this small photo, but it is so interesting in person.  It looks absolutely unnavigable, but Native Americans used to herd buffalo off the cliffs during their hunts.  How they retrieved them, I'll never know.  This used to be a roadside attraction, complete with hotel and restaurant, but those have since been torn down, so all there is to mark it is a sign along the side of Interstate 25. 


  1. Your post brought back a good memory for me! I camped for a night at Hell's Half Acre back in summer 2002. We climbed down the bottom of the canyon, had ice cream at the restaurant, and had an awesome sky that night. Wyoming is such a gorgeous state. I know you'll be sad to leave.

  2. Junaluska - thanks for stopping by! I couldn't believe how bright those cliffs were!

    Bonnie - I'm so glad I was able to jog a nice memory for you. I can't even imagine how you climbed down there - how awesome!