Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Guernsey State Park

My mother-in-law is here in Wheatland with me for a week to help me pack up and get ready for my move to Pittsburgh.  She was kind enough to dogsit for two weeks while Brian and I looked for houses, which was so very nice.  It really put my mind at ease to know my doggies were being looked after so well. 

It looks like we have some rain and snow in the forecast, so yesterday we decided to go out and enjoy the last bits of sunshine.  We drove up to Guernsey State Park and spent the afternoon exploring the western side of the park, which has gorgeous views of the reservoir like this one.  I was amazed to see that spring green on the trees looked a little like autumn gold.  The grasses are still brown, but they will spring to life here in a matter of weeks. 

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