Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lander, Wyoming

Hello, everyone!  I'm back.  Sorry to stay away for a few days, but my mom was out visiting and we packed a lot into the three days she was here.  It's not often that I get to see my mom, so it was a real treat.  I picked her up at the Denver airport, and we had lunch with an old friend of mine from middle school.  My mom remembers her of course, and I think they had fun seeing each other after so many years. 

Easter Sunday we took it easy, though I am ashamed to say I was so exhausted from the trip to pick Mom up (a six hour round-trip driving, plus a few stops on top of that) that I overslept and we missed church completely.  So we took it easy, and had a chance to catch up and cook some halibut for Easter dinner (that Bri caught in Alaska) and she got to see my house.  Since I am moving in a month, and she had heard me talk about how much I loved this place, she had to see it for herself.  She agrees - it's pretty perfect. 

On Monday we took a little road trip up to Lander, WY, to see the cute town and to exchange some of my art in the Global Arts gallery.  I dropped off some of those new post cards, a few paintings, and a framed 12x18 of "Dandelion Sails."  Lander is the sort of place that gets a summer crowd, so here's hoping they find new homes in the coming months.

We got to visit some of the other galleries in Lander, too, which helped my mom fulfill some requirements in the recertification class she is currently taking (she has to take a class every two years to renew her teaching certificate).  We had really nice weather while we were there, which was really great because there is so much to see in Lander.  There is a foundry nearby, and the town is just covered in these amazing sculptures that are produced there.  This elk was at the entrance to our motel.  Stunning, don't you think?  I wish I had taken more photos of all the bronzes, we only spent the one night in Lander and were in a rush to see everything before we left.  You'll have to go see them for yourselves.

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  1. Hi! Would you know how to get in Lander by plane from Pittsburgh? :/