Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wild Turkeys

Hi again, everybody!  The posting will be a bit sporadic around here for a few more weeks as we continue to settle in to our new home.  We learned quite quickly that we share it with some beautiful wildlife, including some wild turkeys.  Usually I just see one pecking around at the edge of our property where we share a line of trees with the neighbor, but some days they walk across the grassy hill of our yard into the other neighbor's property.  I caught these two together one day.  I know there are more turkeys, because we saw about a dozen together in the vicinity when we were looking at this house, but I've yet to see more than two at one time since we have moved in.  But these two are so fun to watch.


  1. Great to share in some of your new views. No matter where we live, having some wildlife around is reassuring.

  2. Wow.
    They are a pretty fantastic welcoming party!
    Look at those plumes...Beautiful!
    Hope you are doing well V. and settling in nicely.

  3. Amazing pictures. Reminds me of when my mother mistook a Wild Turkey for a Kangaroo. How, I have no idea. LOL! Love your blog. : )