Monday, July 25, 2011

Missing Flowers

Things have begun to slow down around here (a tiny bit) as we settle into our new life here in Pittsburgh, and with that comes enough spare time to miss my home in Wyoming.  This house, this landscape, is great, but not being 'done' with anything - renovating, unpacking, landscaping, learning nearby streets and stores - is exhausting.  It certainly makes me remember our perfect little house in Wheatland fondly.  There are really no flowers in my Pittsburgh yard right now and it is making me think how my highly landscaped yard in Wheatland would look like.  The peonies will have come and gone, but everything else will be in high bloom right now, like this purple flower, the name of which escapes me right now.  When I get to missing it too badly, though, I try to remember how very nice it is to have air conditioning!  It would be 90 in the house during the day in Wheatland by now, and I'd feel too sluggish to do much of anything.