Friday, July 8, 2011

Neighborhood Doe

Hi again, everyone.  Sorry to be gone so long from the blog, but I have been so industrious in my absence!  With the help of some family, I have removed wallpaper in two rooms, which despite the conditions, seems to never be an easy task.  Most of my boxes are unpacked.  I have a plan as to paint colors, and we are firming up renovation ideas to get us a new kitchen and a much-needed downstairs bathroom.  We'll have a fence up in two weeks, and also will have a teetering old tree removed before nature has the chance to send it through my roof (I hope).  So there has been a lot going on. 

Despite my busy days, I always find moments to spend with my new neighbors.  The above neighbor is perhaps my favorite.  She visits my yard about every other day, snacking from the low-hanging branches of the bushes and trees as she goes along.  She isn't afraid of me, or the dogs, so I hope once Happy and Little Bear have their new fence that she will still visit when they are safely indoors and all is quiet.  I thought this doe was alone until I saw her again yesterday, with two spotted fawns nibbling away in the neighbor's yard.  I have great views of the wooded lot next door from my house, and happened to see the three of them through a window.  I watched them so long I nearly missed an appointment.  I'll try to get some photos next time I see them, but I know that though the doe is not afraid of me when she is alone, she would likely not feel the same way when her young are so near. The last thing I want to do is scare them away.

Speaking of neighbors, I have met both next door neighbors, and even some from a few doors down.  Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly, and it has warmed my heart to think we have so lucked out.  And I have an update on our other animal neighbors, the turkeys.  On the third of July they marched down the hill toward the house, two adults and five babies, surprising my father-in-law who called us out to the back porch.  Then they proceeded to fly up into the tree nearest our back porch to roost for the night.  They flapped about, beating the leaves of the maple tree as they moved from branch to branch settling in.  It was quite a cool thing to behold. 

Well, it is time to sign off and get to patching the plaster walls that we found beneath the wallpaper, and when it stops pouring rain, perhaps I will finally get a driver's liscence today.  Until next time, be well my friends.


  1. OOOOooooo....
    I didn't know you moved to Heaven! This sounds extraordinary to me! I guess living downtown in the city is grating on me more and more with each passing year...
    Good luck with all the work...Will be waiting for your return!

  2. Thanks so much, Andrea! We are so close to the city, but you'd never believe it by looking in my backyard. I didn't realize you lived downtown, with all the pretty nature shots you take.

    I hope classes are going well for you!

  3. wow! Such a beautiful shot of this pretty doe! great catching up on your blog and seeing that the nature still abounds in your photos since the big move :)