Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pennsylvania Backyard

Hello, everyone!  I hope you are all having good weeks so far.  I'm so excited because this week our fence is going in at our new place here in Pittsburgh.  I can't wait for the doggies to be able to run around like they are used to, chasing each other, bounding around and playing fetch.  Fetch in the house just isn't the same, and it sure doesn't do enough to expend their energy (and they have lots of it!).  There's not much of a place to take a walk around here, so a huge, fenced in yard is certainly the way to go.


  1. Hi Victoria! =)
    I'm happy to hear from you! yeah I've been quite busy with school but next week should be the last week and then 2-3 weeks off. Yay! my friends and I planned to have a get together but that didn't happened until 2 months later. Everyone is busy busy but I'm glad it actually happened haha.

    Your Photography is looking good!keep it up! I'm loving the new pic!!! it looks soo refreshing! now I want to go to Pittsburgh!

  2. So glad to hear you are getting some time off, Tea!

    The lush green of the Pittsburgh hills IS quite refreshing, except for the last week or two with the humidity. But until then it was so perfect!