Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wyle and her Rabbits

I may have a rabbit collection from when I was a child, and I may have unpacked them all into the cradle and yes, I may have snuggled my baby in the middle of them.  But aren't they all cute together?

Wyle is nearly 6 weeks old and I can hardly believe it.  She is growing so quickly - she is already nearing 10 lbs - and is awake more and more.  She has started really seeing things around her, and it is fun to watch her learning about her environment, like tracking the rattle as I move it in front of her face, and staring at the pictures I have hung above her changing table.  She is also sleeping slightly longer stretches at night, thank goodness!  I am hoping we get to 5-6 hour stretches soon.  She is like a little puzzle.  When she does cry, we have to figure out what is wrong.  Usually it is obvious, like she needs to be changed or is hungry.  But sometimes, she doesn't know what is wrong and neither do we.  We have been fumbling through parenthood and we seem to figure out more each day.  It is a lot to digest, but we learn one thing at at time, just like Wyle. 

P.S. - Isn't that outfit adorable?  My mom made it, and, you may notice, there is a rabbit on the shirt!  My mom loves to sew, and if you like quilting, you should check out her Flickr.


  1. Adorable...All.
    Especially She.

    {got your flickr mail! happy it made it! xo}

  2. She's the star of that photograph.

    I really miss seeing my kids sleep with their little fingers frozen in the air like that.
    It goes soooo fast. Savour every day.

    Hope you are getting some sleep :)

  3. OM Goodness, I love, love, love this picture.

  4. How precious, she looks soo peacful. Congrats Vicortia =)

  5. Yay, congratulations! She's beautiful. Also, you aren't the only one who saved your childhood stuffed animals. :)

  6. Love this, Wyle is sooooo cute!!:)
    I only saved my 2 favorite teddy bears from my childhood.

  7. Wyle is just the cutest :)

    Outfit is so pretty :)

    Rabbits awesome :)

    I feel the joy and love your words when you describe how being around her makes you feel :)

    Have a lovely evening (well of course you will (He! He!:)

    Cheers, T. :)