Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yearning For the Open Road

I have watched the movie "Faster" three times in as many weeks, and though it's a fun revenge flick, it is all the driving (as the name implies) through the open country of Nevada and Eastern California that I can't get enough of.  It reminds me of road trips Brian and I would take from Wyoming to California.  It would take an entire day to get across Utah and Nevada, and the emptiness would seem endless.  But right now I am remembering it with such fondness, wishing I could look through the windshield and see nothing ahead but a ribbon of highway, bounded on one side by snow capped mountains, with the occasional wind farm reaching toward the sky and scrubby brush dotting the plains.  I dug around in my files and found this image I took on one such road trip - in Utah or Nevada, I can not remember - and it brought a smile to my face. 


  1. This is a fantastic photo, victoria. I like the perspective and how the power towers line up and fade into the scene as well as how they stand out just right due to the light and their color. The vast sky and the moon is a treat. Excellent shot!

  2. I LOVE this shot! I'm longing for the winds to calm down so we can drive the open road without yanking the steering wheel to the extreme left just to keep the car straight. Yeah, it's rough these days but hopefully it will get better soon.
    PS: Wyle is precious!

  3. i love driving too. there's something so liberating just moving ahead, especially if it's on a seemingly never-ending road into nowhere. it's best with just your love, though. with three boys in the back it's... still ok... but not exactly the same :)