Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mule Deer in Spring

Anyone else ready for spring?  I was looking through some old files and came across some photos I took of a herd of deer last spring.  They lived by the power plant near Wheatland, WY and I always knew where I could find them.  I was so ready for witner to be over, I always had photography outings planned for when nice days began to appear in the spring, and this came from one of those trips.  I have lots of photos from that day where the entire deer is in the frame, but I liked this one in particular because of the negative space.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winter Rain

The winter rain glistens on the bare branches, reflecting the limited light that filters through the clouds.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wyle - One Month Old

I am a little behind in posting these, from when Wyle was one month old on January 13th.  She was having a bit of a fussy day and I couldn't get her to relinquish the pacifier, but she looks pretty cute, nonetheless.  This beautiful blanket was made by a great aunt, and the hat and mittens were made by a dear friend.  Wyle is so lucky to have such beautiful things made by people who love her enough to spend the time creating for her.

I took these with the flash Brian gave me for Christmas, coupled with some natural light from a window.  I have never been very good at portraits, but I am going to get a lot of practice with Wyle, I can tell!  Both of these shots have a little bit of shadow that is bugging me, and I need to learn to look for these shadows when I am shooting.  They seem so obvious now, but in the moment all I could think about was getting Wyle to pose for me. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Winter Weather

Here's another shot from Wheatland Reservoir #10.  It looks like it is going to see a lot more snow in the next two days.  My husband happens to be in Wyoming right now, and he is settling in for Snowmagedden 2012.  He was scheduled to fly home tomorrow, but all flights in and out of the region are cancelled for the huge three-day storm.  By Saturday night, it is forecasted that there will be several feet of snow.  It's funny that neither of us ever missed a flight due to the weather during the five years we lived there, but the one time my husband is back for a short visit, he gets snowed in!  I think this is all the groundhog's fault.  For those of you not familiar with America's weather-predicting rodent, read about him here.