Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cows On the Move

I have been reading the blog of my friend Leah who lives out on a cattle ranch in Wyoming, and it reminded me of the adventure we had together last spring when I joined her and her cowboy in moving the pregnant mommas to the fresh pasture where they would give birth.  It was such fun!  I know right now Leah and her cowboy are knee-deep in cute little calves and I wish I was there to see those sweet faces in person. 


  1. I remember following along last year, I was truly in awe :)

    WOW! What an amazing year you have had :)

    Hope you had a wonderful First Easter with Baby :)

    Have a lovely Weekend, cheers, T. :)

  2. Such a beautiful part of the country. I'd love to be among them right now!

  3. Beautiful photo Victoria and what a cool story! Thanks for your kind and thoughtful comment on my blog! Congratulations on your baby, that is such wonderful news - I've been so busy between e-course and travel project that I've been unfortunately fairly out of touch with lots of blog friends. But so great to hear from you! And your profile photo is gorgeous!! xo

    1. Thank you, Stephanie. I, too, have been so out of touch, so please don't feel bad. It is hard to do it all...impossible, I think. I hope your projects are successful. Your e-course sounded so inspiring!

  4. So beautiful. I helped out on a ranch during calving time in Canada once and it was an amazing experience. This photos reminds me of that so much.