Monday, July 23, 2012

PA to SC Road Trip - Hitting the Produce Stand

Hi everyone!  I'm sorry I have been so scarce around here, but I've had a good reason.  I was on a road trip!  I've been longing to take a good old fashioned road trip since the winter.  So I decided to drive from my home in Pittsburgh to my parents' home in South Carolina, with several stops along the way.  My mom flew up so she could drive down with me, and it was Miss Wyle's first multi-day car trip, and it was exciting to share that with mom.

I planned the first leg of the trip to meander through PA, MD and WV, on two-lane roads through the forest and along a lake.  One of our first breaks was a stop at this roadside produce stand.  I was hoping to find ripe peaches but we were still a little far north for that.  We did however get a few nectarines that were divine and a jug of cherry cider from Appleseeds' Farm that I was able to sample.  It was unlike anything I had ever had before and I wish I had stocked up because it was so delicious. 


  1. Sounds like a fun time! Can't believe how big she's getting!

    1. I know everyone says that they grow up fast, but it is so true!