Tuesday, August 7, 2012

PA to SC Roadtrip - Winchester, VA

Our road trip took us right through the heart of beautiful Winchester, VA.  This town appeared to be thriving, as most downtown buildings were filled with shops and offices, and even the oldest were well-kempt.  The sidewalks were clean and there were pretty planters everywhere.  The streets were lined with trees and shaded not only the businesses but also amazing homes like the Victorian house pictured above.  All these things gave the town such a warm, homey feel, and truly I hope to return one day to explore further.

Mom fed Wyle while I walked the streets for a few minutes, taking these photos.  Then we drove around and around until we figured out how to stop next to an ice cream shop we saw, but upon closer inspection, it was closed.  That was too bad for us, but we needed to move on to meet some friends later in the day, so we left Winchester behind us and headed for Leesburg.

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