Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Into Autumn's Light

Hi everyone!  I hope you are enjoying this autumn!  I sure have.  Last year I was so very pregnant, and thought I saw such beauty around me, I couldn't drag myself out to capture it.  But, this year, I have been out again and again with my camera, as I want to take advantage of the short window of beautiful foliage here in Pennsylvania.  I haven't really gotten the sort of shot I was hoping for, but then sometimes you get something far better.  That's how I feel about this shot.  I took this in my backyard, of all places, and managed to catch the sun (it has been rare to see the sun lately).  I looked up and found this bit of negative space and I loved how the yellow and red leaves seemed to meet around this bright, almost heavenly, center.


  1. So lovely and colorful! I haven't found time yet to do some fall photos but this really makes me want to get out there with my camera :))

  2. Thanks, Kristina! I look forward to your autumn pics!