Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Stockings

I finished!  Well, I plan on putting our names on our stockings with iron-on letters, but I think I will wait until January to do that.  They are complete enough.  Wyle's is in the top photo.  Brian's is the one on the left on the bottom, featuring his rank from the Marine Corps.  Mine is the one on the right on the bottom.  I made ours ten years ago when we were first married, and I wanted to make Wyle's this year with materials from both of ours, since she is a little bit of both of us, and also with some different fabrics, since she is her own person, of course.  They are huge - I don't know if the scale shows up in the photos, but it is a fun challenge every year to fill those stockings up!  I always feel as good about finding great stocking stuffers as I do finding 'big' presents.  The actual felt stockings, prior to embellishment, came from my mom.  She made them thirty years ago, when she was making stockings for Dad and me.  I love that even though I did not decorate them the same way as my childhood stocking, they still remind me of it.


  1. What a wonderful tradition :)

    Have a very, Merry Xmas :) T.

  2. Thanks, T! Hope your holidays are great, too!