Thursday, May 23, 2013

White Azaleas

When I was in Virginia I couldn't help but take photos of my mother-in-law's gorgeous azaleas.  I miss them so much when spring arrives.  Growing up in the south I would see them erupt into bloom by the hundreds.  There were azaleas in almost every yard and they would bloom like there was no tomorrow.  I have one in my yard now but it is not quite the herald of spring that I remember fondly and dearly miss.  I was so glad to catch them in bloom during our visit to Virginia.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wyle in the Wildflowers

It has been a while since you saw Miss Wyle.  She is 17 months old now, walking, and getting into everything.  Her favorite thing to do is to go outside and play in the grass.  Every time she can look out the window into the back yard, she points and wiggles.  When the weather is nice, we go out in the afternoons, and she crawls among the violets and dandelions, digs in the dirt with her fingers, and collects sticks and leaves to carry around with her as she tries to walk uphill.  She is an absolute joy.  Until it is time to go inside.  She is never happy about that.

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Salamander Trail

I have been trying to take Wyle on a hike once a week since the weather has improved.  There are lots of nice trails near the house, and we tried a new one a couple of weeks ago called the Salamander Trail.  It was lined with these beautiful yellow flowers and even though the trail parallels a busy road, it was a really lovely hike.  Though a word of warning: if you lay down in the flowers to take photos, beware of ticks.  This area is really infested with them and I got a couple of nasty bites.  I really hate them, too; they take months and months to go away and itch like crazy.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Last Look at Cacapon Spring

I should be in church right now.  We are looking for a new church home and I was excited to try out a new place nearby.  I was all dressed and ready to walk out the door when I realized I had left my wallet in my baby bag, and my husband had taken both the baby and the baby bag on a hike this morning.  I feel like all these little details are slipping my mind, lately, and it is driving me crazy.  So, I am home alone in a quiet house, which is so peaceful, and I confess I am rather enjoying it.  I am sure Wyle and Bri are enjoying some peace of their own, out in nature, like I did on my trip to West Virginia.  These are the final few photos from our Girl's Weekend Away.  I hope you, too, are finding peace today, whether in church or in nature or in some other way that makes you feel calm and energized for the week ahead.  Have a great day, everyone!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dusk at Cacapon State Park

I drove with my friend up to the Cacapon Mountain overlook one late afternoon during our trip.  The sun was bright and the shadows were sharp, and it looked more like winter than spring at first glance, but it was so quiet and so peaceful.  We dallied as long as our hungry bellies could stand it, and then drove back into town for a huge meal at the Earth Dog Cafe.  I am still dreaming of those nachos.  Seriously.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mossy Forest Floor

It was still early spring when we went hiking at Cacapon State Forest in West Virginia, and spring was settling in slowly.  The greenest thing we saw was the moss carpeting the forest floor.